Read what people are saying about Preston Early Learning Centre.


They go above and beyond

"I have been impressed by the level of care and attention that my daughter has received from PELC and although I have received offers to place my daughter in a centre closer to my work, I have never considered taking her out of this centre. They pay such close attention that I was approached when they thought my daughter may have a speech impediment. PELC not only approached me with the concern but also a solution. They have a speech therapist visit on site and Charlotte was seen and assessed expediently. This is just one of the many ways they go above and beyond to ensure our children receive the best care possible. My daughter has learned so much from attending PELC. She has confidence in herself, she is aware of her feelings, she knows she has a voice and it matters... They are a clean, well-run child care centre with amazing, caring staff who make me having to leave my child to go to work much less stressful. I am thankful and appreciative for them."

Amanda Gardner, Proud PELC Parent

Children are inspired and cared for on a daily basis

"Whitecap selected Preston Early Learning as our operator based on their excellent qualifications and strong record of operating provincially-licensed facilities. The staff at the centre are professional, respectful, offer the highest quality of care to the children, and are committed to the success of all… Our families feel their children are in good hands with the diverse staff at Preston Early Learning. They feel welcome, they trust the staff, and they know their children are inspired and cared for on a daily basis."

Whitecap Dakota First Nation


"I have had the privilege of working alongside PELC at the Charles Red Hawk Elementary School located on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. The staff employed by PELC are very welcoming and that is why they quickly developed trusting relationships with the children, staff members, and families of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. It is very evident that the children in their centre are the focus of all of their efforts."

Mr. Dean Swan, B.Ed., B.Sc., M.Ed.