Menu & Nutrition

Dietary Needs: You must inform director and staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies. If your child requires a specialized diet for any reason it is your responsibility to provide alternative food for your child.

Nutrition Policy: Lunch and 2 snacks are provided daily by the daycare in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and the Child Daycare Regulations. All children will be encouraged to participate in mealtimes and to use age appropriate behaviours during this time. Menus are to be posted at the centre for parents to review and are available upon request.

"Children enjoyed $125,000 worth of food last year."


Children that have allergies or dietary restrictions must absolutely be brought to our attention so that all staff members at the centre are aware of any allergies or restrictions. Children’s allergies and dietary restrictions will be posted in the main eating areas at the daycare centre. All centres are “nut” aware. Parents are asked to refrain from bringing foods that contain or may contain nuts.

Nutritional Procedure

For preschool and school age programs:

  • Snacks are served on a come and go basis (the child is able to choose if they want a snack or not).

  • At lunchtime children are encouraged to serve themselves and to try all of the various foods offered.

For older infants and toddlers:

  • Snacks are served to children who are in attendance and with guidance from parents.

  • At lunchtime children are served all of the various foods offered with encouragement to try all food offered.

For infants:

  • Parents must communicate with staff on a daily basis the child’s nutritional needs for the day. This includes when the child ate last, when the child is expected to eat again, and foods the child has not tried yet or is trying for the first time.

  • Parents will provide formula and/or breast milk if required for their child.

  • Parents will provide baby food until the child is able to eat meals prepared at the daycare.