Our Staff

Staff Hierarchy

  • Executive Director: Reports to the board of directors, responsible ensuring proper procedure and operation at all centres

  • Pedagogical Leaders: Reports to executive director, responsible for operation of their assigned centre

  • ECE: Early childhood educators report to the director of their centre, responsible for the kids in their care, planning activities and excursions based on the play and exploration model which is used across all centres

  • Cook: Plan menu, cook and prepare meals and snacks, get groceries, keep kitchen clean and orderly

90 staff play with, care for, and teach our kids. They encourage play, get messy, go barefoot, kiss boos boos, change diapers, go for walks, cook, plan activities, record our kids' moments, take them on field trips, read, sing, laugh, and listen.

Lisa Leibel, Executive Director

I have been the Executive Director of Preston Early Learning Centre (PELC) since 1995. During this time I have seen many changes and been a part of the evolution of childcare. I have served as a former Chairperson and Treasurer for the Saskatchewan Federation of Early Learning (SFEL), been a member of the Early Learning and Child Care Collaborative of Saskatchewan, and sat on the Fairhaven School Community council.

I began my career at PELC as Executive Director with two locations and have been involved in the growth and expansion of the organization over the last 10 years to now include six Early Learning Centres, and four Before and After School Programs.

I received my Early Childhood Diploma from SIAST and have been working in the Early Childhood field for 30 years.

– Lisa Leibel


Organizational Structure




  4. STAFF





Each facility and room at Preston Early Learning Centre’s strives to provide programs and activities which are suited to the children in care at any particular point in time.

Programs are guided by the Play and Exploration Model and the goals of the programs vary from room to room and facility to facility. Staff members aim to enhance the following opportunities throughout the child’s day:

  • Ability to be self expressive and creative

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Feel safe, confident and comfortable in their environment

  • Increase awareness of self and others

  • Increase independence

  • Develop cognitively, emotionally, spiritually and physically

Early Learning & Child Care Consultant’s Role

All child care centres and licensed child care homes receive the support of an Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Consultant. The role of an ELCC Consultant is to promote quality child care services and enforce The Child Care Act and The Child Care Regulations, 2001. These pieces of legislation set the standards for licensed care in Saskatchewan.

What does an ELCC Consultant do?

ELCC Consultants provide a variety of supports to your child’s centre or child care home.

Consultants support child care home providers, centre staff, directors, and boards of child care centres to implement best practices in the care and education of your child.

Consultants also:

  • complete a licence review annually to ensure that a basic standard of care is in place;

  • conduct a minimum of two unscheduled monitoring visits per year to ensure licensing requirements are maintained;

  • attend two board meetings per year for parent operated child care centres, and one parent advisory committee meeting and one board meeting per year at other centres;

  • address non-compliance when observed or when reports are received;

  • facilitate grants.

When should I contact the ELCC Consultant for my child care facility?

You may contact your ELCC Consultant for any question you have, or to share information about your child’s program. Some examples of when you may contact your ELCC Consultant include:

  • You would like to share strengths and successes you have observed about your child’s program.

  • You have a concern about the quality of care your child is receiving.

  • You would like further clarification about The Child Care Act and The Child Care Regulations, 2001.

  • You have a question about the services offered by Saskatchewan’s early learning and child care program, or would like additional information.

The ELCC Consultant for all PELC facilities is:

Andrea Van Vliet, ELCC Consultant
Early Years Branch
Ministry of Education
8th Floor 122 - 3rd Avenue North
Saskatoon SK S7K 2H6

Phone: 306-933-7395
Fax: 306-933-7082
Email: andrea.vanvliet@gov.sk.ca