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At Preston Early Learning Centre we provide an environment that is safe, genuinely caring, respectful, nurturing, stimulating, individualized and cooperative. A positive atmosphere is achieved by fostering open, honest relationships and developing each child's understanding of tolerance, open-mindedness, and appreciation and respect for others without discrimination. Our centres use the play and exploration model and take into account all aspects of the child’s development on an individual basis. This includes social-emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development. We strive to exceed the government license expectations.

All children, families and communities will be enriched by early learning through our innovation and leadership.


Our Centres

As Saskatoon's largest early learning provider we operate five centres in the Saskatoon area (six once Stonebridge opens in September of 2017). Our centres in Saskatoon include Fairhaven, Holliston, Preston, and Willowgrove. Our centre just outside of Saskatoon is a first of its kind education partnership located at Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

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