PELC Partnerships

Preston Early Learning Centre is proud of its long history of developing and maintaining partnerships within and beyond our community.

PELC staff also get involved in community development, serve on counsels and boards, and more.


Families are our first and most valued partners in childcare. How those partnerships evolve is based on relationships, mutual respect, and excellence in childcare.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

PELC has partnered with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools through Holy Family School and St Kateri Schools.

Ministry of Education

Early Learning Branch in the Ministry of Education / Government of Saskatchewan is a valued partner in guiding and supporting our day-to-day work with families and children. Our Executive Director served on provincial committees where professional exchanges consistently resulted in new thinking and possibilities for childcare.

Sask PolyTech and Great Plains College

Sask PolyTech and Great Plains College are important partners for PELC as we recruit the strongest possible staff to join our organization. We currently:

  • Provide an annual bursary to a Sask PolyTech student who meets the bursary criteria.

  • Work with Great Plains College and Sask PolyTech to use our centres as practicum locations for their ECE students.

Saskatoon Public Schools

We have partnered with Saskatoon Public Schools through Fairhaven, Willowgrove, Holliston, and Stonebridge schools. We fondly remember opportunities we had to work with their Educational Consultant: Early Learning; partnering with her to engage all childcare operators in the school division to consider ways we could support each other’s efforts to provide quality childcare.

Pop-up Playgrounds

We have hosted pop-up playgrounds across Saskatoon with partner agencies involved in Word on the Street and the Nature City Festival.

Classroom Teachers

Classroom teachers at Fairhaven and Willowgrove/Holy Family and Stonebridge are more and more becoming our partners. PELC staff meet with them on a semi-regular basis to plan programming, learn together, and ensure seamless transitions between the childcare centre and the school.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and staff at our Preston facility are engaged in “Responding to Children’s Interests”. The Preston staff have worked on documenting their Project Approach and have their work featured on the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation website as resource materials for others.

Saskatoon Public Health Region

Saskatoon Public Health Region works in partnership with PELC, specifically through its Speech and Language Pathologists, and Behaviour Consultants. Through the Speech and Language Pathologists, we implement programming and support children with speech and language development needs. With the Behaviour Consultants, we provide support to children with behaviour development and self-regulation needs. Our partnership includes providing professional development workshops to PELC staff and others.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are relatively new and evolving for PELC. We are exploring a variety of models and processes to meet the childcare needs of employees of larger corporations in Saskatoon.

University of Saskatchewan and City of Saskatoon

The University of Saskatchewan and the City of Saskatoon are currently working on a research grant to enhance the natural environment in a way that children will be more likely to spend time there, learn about the plant and animal life, and inquire into nature. In this work, there is also a focus to enhance children's knowledge of Canada’s First Peoples. We are pleased to be involved in this work, as it will enhance the growth of our outdoor program, and eventually our implementation of Forest School.

New Partnerships

Our newest partnerships include Early learning centres with our partners at Whitecap Dakota First Nations and the JUS partnership at the Chief Whitecap & St Kateri schools. 

At the root of these partnerships is a desire to explore new ways to think about community development. We believe it is possible to consider communities where children and their families truly are at the core of an inter-connected neighbourhood that meets the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of those who live there.