Mission & Philosophy

Preston Early Learning Centre Inc. is an established leader in the early learning and child care field in Saskatchewan.

Our mission is to inspire children and community. Our vision is that all children, families and communities will be enriched by early learning through our innovation and leadership.

"On average a child spends 47.5 hours per week in our care."


Our Philosophy

We believe the child’s environment is safe, genuinely caring, respectful, nurturing, stimulating, individualized and cooperative.

We believe a child has the right to the following:

  1. Relief and protection in all circumstances,

  2. Social security to grow and develop in good health,

  3. Special protection to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally,

  4. Love and understanding in the care of his/her parents,

  5. Name and Nationality, and

  6. To be brought up in the spirit of friendship, among peoples, wherein he/she can develop his/her abilities to become the best person he/she can be.

We believe that the best care daycare can be offered to the children by cooperation between the board of directors, the centre management, staff, families and children.

Philosophy in Action

Preston Early Learning Centre's philosophy is actualized by the following:

  1. Designing and furnishing the centres with home like accents.

  2. A positive atmosphere is achieved by fostering open, honest relationships and developing the child’s understanding of tolerance, open-mindedness, and appreciation and respect for others without discrimination.

  3. Though the programs and activities vary from each location all centres make a conscious effort to include the play and exploration model and take into account all aspects of the child’s development on an individual basis. Including social-emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development. We strive to meet or exceed the government license expectations.

  4. Children's undesirable behaviors are managed through various discipline methods. In all cases behavioral issues will be dealt with in a non-punitive manner. Behavior management techniques may include: distraction, redirection, clarification, role-playing, natural and logical consequences and consultation with a behavior specialist.

About Us

Preston Early Learning Centre was incorporated on July 9, 1980 as a non-profit organization. Its origins begin with the Main location on Preston Avenue (toddlers and preschool) and has been expanded to include the School Age location at Holliston School (kindergarten to 12 years), the Fairhaven location (toddler to school age), the Willowgrove location at the Willowgrove/Holy Family Schools (infants to 5 years) and Whitecap Dakota located on Whitecap Dakota First Nations (infants to 5 years) and Stonebridge location at the new Chief Whitecap/St. Kateri Schools ( infants to 5 years of age)